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Simple and stylish curtains for your Waterloo apartment

apartments for rent in Waterloo, decorating, DIY, Waterloo Apartments, Apartments Waterloo, Apartments for Rent in Waterloo, Waterloo apartment rentals, Apartments in Waterloo, Apartment rentals in Waterloo, Waterloo Apartments for RentLiven up the windows in your Waterloo apartment by accenting them with homemade curtains. Window treatments are an excellent option that will help residents achieve privacy and additional decor in their rental space. To inspire residents of the Pinegrove Apartments to create their own curtains, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together a few creative DIY ideas to test out.


No-Sew Curtains

Shanty 2 Chic’s No-Sew Curtains tutorial proves that you don’t need to know how to sew to create DIY window treatments. Simply bond the fabrics together using specialty tape and make them whatever length and style. These curtains can easily be modified and changed up to fit your updated look, making them perfect for rental apartments.


Easy-Sew Curtains

Once you’ve mastered sewing, why not try your hand at Hey Let’s Make Stuff’s Easy-Sew Ikea Curtains. This DIY is an ideal beginner project as each curtain only requires five straight lines of sewing. You don’t have to worry about making them perfectly straight and they will last longer than curtains secured by tape. Pick up your fabrics and additional supplies at Creative Sisters Quilt Studio located at 321 Lancaster Street West. The studio is a six-minute drive and 34-minute walk from the apartments.


Two-Tone Curtains

Two-tone DIYs are all the rage and can be incorporated into every aspect of your decor, including your curtains. Style Me Pretty’s DIY will teach you how to create these stylish curtains in seven easy steps using fabric tape, an iron, two yards of coloured fabric and white curtains. Fabricland at 1352 Weber Street East has a large selection of fabrics available for purchase. The Pinegrove Apartments are a 12-minute drive from the store.


Lace Curtains

Make your curtains look high design without breaking the bank with Upcycled Treasures’ Anthropologie-Inspired Lace Curtains. Purchase doilies or search around at local thrift stores to find an even cheaper variety. These curtains offer a delicate accent of lace on the outer edges and will definitely have guests asking where you got them. Drop by Len’s Mill Store and peruse their large selection of reasonably priced fabrics. Located at 130 Moore Avenue South, the store is a one-minute drive and a two-minute walk from the apartments.
Get creative with your curtains by hand making stylish options in your Waterloo apartment. Located at 145 Lucan Avenue, Williams and McDaniel’s Pinegrove Apartments offer residents rental options a short distance from banks, grocery stores and medical facilities.



Easy ways to hang any piece of art

Man Hanging FrameWall accents are subtle way to add a personalized touch to your Waterloo apartment. While you might think that setting up and hanging home décor is a daunting task, it can be easier than you think. To help residents of the Pinegrove Apartments display their pieces with ease, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together some alternative hanging methods and helpful techniques to try out.


Decorative Ribbon & Vintage Hooks

If you’re interesting in hanging up lighter, more delicate items, ribbons are a great method. You can also match the colour of the item you’re hanging with the ribbon to achieve a more disguised means of displaying. There are even times when the hanging mechanism(s) used, such as hooks, can be incorporated into the display. Put those vintage hooks to good use and incorporate them into a visually appealing accent. For those who don’t have vintage hooks on hand, Home Depot has an impressive selection of faux vintage hooks that will proudly display your pieces of art. Located at 600 King Street North, the store is a 12-minute drive and 33-minute transit ride from the Pinegrove Apartments.


Disc Hangers

Disc hangers were originally intended to display plates, but they can also be used to display other items. This option works especially well on wood items, trays and any other objects that have a clean, smooth surface. Different hanger sizes are available for purchase at Michaels and are built to accommodate and support different weights. Simply wet the back of the disc, wait a few minutes and apply it to the back of the item. These hangers are also a great option for those who love to update their walls every so often as they can be easily removed and reused. The craft store at 50 Westmount Road North is a seven-minute drive and 25-minute transit commute from the Waterloo Apartments.


3M Command Hooks

Hang your works of art without damaging walls by taking advantage of 3M Command’s inventive products. Some of their products feature Velcro to secure items to walls or other smooth surfaces and others use double-sided adhesive to ensure a strong hold. Be sure to check the packaging on the hooks, hangers and adhesives to see how much weight they can hold and what items they are best suited for. 3M Products are ideal for renters since they leave no marks behind when removed and make hanging art a fuss-free task.


Framed Picture

Despite the presence of hanging alternatives, many individuals remain loyal to the traditional process involving a tape measure, wire, nails and a hammer. All of these supplies are available at Canadian Tire located at 400 Weber Street North, which is a seven-minute drive and 24-minute walk from the apartments. The BrightNest blog outlines the proper method involved when hanging a framed picture. Before you start hammering make sure that the picture is positioned how you want it and level. Use a piece of chalk or a digital level like iHandy, which is compatible with Apple and Android products, to ensure that the frame is exactly where you want it to be.


With these smart tips in hand, you’ll be motivated to start decorating and redecorating your apartment’s walls. Located at 145 Lucan Avenue, Williams and McDaniel’s Pinegrove Apartments offer residents an option that is conveniently surrounded by grocery stores, restaurants and a variety of other amenities.




How to make a photo collage wall

apartments for rent in waterloo, decorating, DIYThere’s nothing that says home like photographs of your loved ones. Pictures have the ability to capture our treasured moments and will do wonders to enhance the character and personality of your Waterloo apartment. Today, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has compiled a how-to guide to get you started on creating your own photo wall collage.

Gather Your Tools

Before you get started on your collage make sure you have all the necessary tools. You will need frames, twine, wooden clothespins, scissors and a hammer and nails. It is also worthwhile to have pliers, a small staple gun, T21 staples and a tape measure on hand. If you’re missing a few of these items, drop by Michaels located on 50 Westmount Road North, which is only an eight-minute drive or 35-minute walk from the Pinegrove apartments, to pick up the items you need.

Determine Frames and Space

Next, determine where you want to put the frames(s) and measure this space. You can choose to hang frames vertically or horizontally and to use single frames or a series of them. For examples of collages with and without frames, check out this DIY Instagram Wall Collage by ‘Persnickety Prints’ and the ‘WallFry’ DIY Photo Frame Collage.

Order Prints

It is now time to select which photos or objects you want to display. Shoppers Drug Mart located on 75 King Street South not only develops photos, but also offers a complete list of services including collage, poster and canvas creation. The store is a mere three-minute drive and 14-minute walk from the apartments at 145 Lucan Avenue. Another convenient option is Walmart’s Photo Centre located on 70 Bridgeport East, which is a five-minute drive and 12-minute walk from the apartments.

Plan Out Your Collage

Use the measurements of the frame to determine how many “lines” you can hang pictures from. It is also important to decide how you want to space the lines by clearly measuring and marking them. Cut the twine for each line, making sure that there are about two extra inches on both sides, pull it taut and staple first toward the outer edge of the frame. For the remaining twine, loop it over the first staple and staple again. If you’d prefer pictures that hang in a straight line make sure the twine is taut and if you’d prefer more curved lines make it a little bit looser. For those who are looking for some creative collage inspiration, the ‘Picklee’ blog has compiled photos of 35 DIY Wall Collages that you can create. Once you have planned out what you want to display and where you want to display it, it is important to select how you want to lay out your collection. For some guidance when it comes to frame placement, the ‘Picklee’ blog features a Frame Composition Manual that will clear up any confusion you may have.

Hang and Enjoy

Now it’s time to hang your frames and use the wooden clothespins to hang the prints. You can decide whether to hang the pictures higher or lower, depending on whether or not you want to hide the twine. Stand back and look at the beautiful photos and cherished memories you’ve captured.

Situated on a quiet residential street complete with beautiful views and convenient city access, the Pinegrove apartments are a perfect option for those who are currently looking to rent in Waterloo. Williams and McDaniel offers one bedroom, two bedroom and studio suites that are sure to be a perfect fit for both current and prospective tenants.