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How to clean your apartment without chemicals

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To keep apartments and living spaces clean, most people flock to store-bought cleaners that are often rife with toxins, chemicals and harsh cleaning agents that can have harmful effects. With a little extra effort you can create your own cleaning supplies in the comfort of your Waterloo Apartment. These products will keep your home free of chemicals, save you money in the long run and you will know what you’re using, which is great for people with sensitivity to smells or allergies. To get Pinegrove Apartment residents started on their DIY, chemical-free cleaners, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has put together some homemade recipes that you can use in and around your apartment.



Homemade Oven Cleaner

Make grime-filled ovens a thing of the past with Rooted Blessing’ DIY Homemade Oven Cleaner. With simple ingredients that include baking soda, sea salt, washing soda, water, white vinegar and essential oils, you’ll be on your way to enjoying a sparkling clean kitchen. It doesn’t hurt that this cleaner also smells delicious.

Drain Cleaner

Avoid the mess of a clogged drain with Tidy Mom’s Baking Soda and Vinegar solution. Simply create the mixture, apply to the area and rinse away with warm water. This solution will also freshen the drain and remove any unpleasant odours that may accumulate over time. Sobeys at 94 Brideport, which is a four-minute drive, 15-transit commute and 15-minute walk from the Waterloo apartments, has all the ingredients you’ll need for this cleaner.


Dishwasher Tablets

You eat food off your dishes, so you’ll definitely want to avoid washing them with harmful or harsh chemicals. A great solution to this dilemma is My Kitchen Escapades’ DIY Dishwasher Tablets made from Borax, Arm and Hammer Washing Soda, Epsom salt and lemon juice. If you’re on a budget, these tablets are especially great because they cost only three cents each to make.


Stainless Steel

Remove sticky and greasy fingerprints from kitchen appliances with the assistance of One Good Thing’s Stainless Steel Solution. With a few simple ingredients you probably have around your apartment, those appliances will sparkle as if they were brand new. Giant Tiger has a large selection of sponges, gloves, towels and any other cleaning supplies you may need. The store is located at 351 Margaret Avenue, which is a three-minute drive; 10-minute transit ride and 18-minute walk from the Pinegrove Apartments.



Homemade Air Freshener

For a sweet smelling bathroom without overpowering floral and citrus scents, try using Living On The Cheap’s Homemade Air Freshener. You’ll need baking soda, essential or fragrance oil, fabric and a canning jar of any size to complete this DIY. Waterloo Square’s Valu-Mart located at 75 King Street South will have most of the ingredients you need for your homemade air freshener. The apartments are a four-minute drive; 11-minute transit commute and 15-minute walk from the store.


Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Clean and unclog your toilet with the help of Camp Wander’s all-powerful Great Lemon Bomb Toilet Cleaner. While this recipe doesn’t require doTERRA Lemon EO, it will add a delicious lemony scent to this thick and foamy toilet bowl cleaner. Combine all the ingredients into a larger pitcher or bowl, drop the contents into the toilet and let it sit. Once you flush it, this chemical-free cleaner will also remove the impossible-to-reach grime within pipes. This mixture almost looks like a magic trick because of how all the ingredients react and will make your kids want to get involved in the cleaning process.


Homemade Shower Cleaner

Skip the scrubbing when removing soap scum with this popular Homemade Shower Cleaner recipe by Geek Mom. All you have to do is add equal parts vinegar and blue Dawn and get ready for a shower that glimmers and sparkles.


DIY Bar Soap

Add a personal touch to your guest bathroom or every bathroom in your apartment with DIY Bar Soaps. Use essential oils, shape them however you like and enjoy these delicious treats on a daily basis. The Idea Room’s Handmade Soap Recipes offer a variety of tutorials to try including fresh lemon soap, peppermint soap, lime soap and pink lemonade soap just to name a few.



Linen Spray

Essential oils are known to enhance your physical, emotional and mental well-being and DIY Natural’s Aromatherapy Linen Spray does just that. These deliciously scented sprays can be created with a variety of smells in mind and will instantly refresh your room and your spirit.


Lemon Dust cloths

Remove dust and polish your furniture without pungent smells and chemicals with Lemon Dustcloths by Growing Home. Olive oil, vinegar, lemon rind, dust rags, water and a glass jar with a lid are all you need for this DIY cleaner.
Window Cleaner

Keep those windows streak free without the help of store-bought brands with Little Ms Robinson’s ‘Blessing in a Bottle’ Window Cleaner. This cleaner can also be used for sinks and showers. However, make sure you test out a small portion of each to see how they react to this solution.



Laundry Soap

Save on your grocery bills and create a customized scent by following Liz Marie Blog’s DIY Laundry Soap tutorial. This recipe will have you abandoning the store-bought selection and using the DIY stuff from now on.


DIY Dryer Sheets

Stop using a new dryer sheet for each load and make these reusable Dryer Sheets by One Good Thing by Jillee. Clothes will be soft, smell great and you won’t have to buy a box of dryer sheets for a long time to come.


DIY Laundry Softener

Achieve fluffy fragrant towels and linens with another tutorial by Liz Marie Blog. Take advantage of this DIY Laundry Softener recipe, which costs around $1.54/batch to make.


Homemade Stain Remover

Get those pesky stains out of your favorite shirt or pair of jeans with this Homemade Shout Recipe by My Kitchen Escapades. Drop by Zehrs located at Glenridge Plaza to pick up supplies for this cost-effective stain remover. The Pinegrove Apartments are an eight-minute drive; 33-minute transit commute and 37-minute walk from the store.


Homemade Febreze

Enjoy the effects of Febreze without spending a large chunk of change with Coupons With Q’s tutorial.  Fabric softener, baking soda and water are all you need to create this homemade spray that is effective and chemical free.


Embrace the bliss of a clean apartment without the use of harsh agents by using these affordable and effective DIY cleaning solutions. Located at 145 Lucan Avenue, Williams and McDaniel’s Pinegrove Apartments are a fitting rental alternative for those who are currently searching.