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How to make a photo collage wall

apartments for rent in waterloo, decorating, DIYThere’s nothing that says home like photographs of your loved ones. Pictures have the ability to capture our treasured moments and will do wonders to enhance the character and personality of your Waterloo apartment. Today, our preferred property management company, Williams and McDaniel, has compiled a how-to guide to get you started on creating your own photo wall collage.

Gather Your Tools

Before you get started on your collage make sure you have all the necessary tools. You will need frames, twine, wooden clothespins, scissors and a hammer and nails. It is also worthwhile to have pliers, a small staple gun, T21 staples and a tape measure on hand. If you’re missing a few of these items, drop by Michaels located on 50 Westmount Road North, which is only an eight-minute drive or 35-minute walk from the Pinegrove apartments, to pick up the items you need.

Determine Frames and Space

Next, determine where you want to put the frames(s) and measure this space. You can choose to hang frames vertically or horizontally and to use single frames or a series of them. For examples of collages with and without frames, check out this DIY Instagram Wall Collage by ‘Persnickety Prints’ and the ‘WallFry’ DIY Photo Frame Collage.

Order Prints

It is now time to select which photos or objects you want to display. Shoppers Drug Mart located on 75 King Street South not only develops photos, but also offers a complete list of services including collage, poster and canvas creation. The store is a mere three-minute drive and 14-minute walk from the apartments at 145 Lucan Avenue. Another convenient option is Walmart’s Photo Centre located on 70 Bridgeport East, which is a five-minute drive and 12-minute walk from the apartments.

Plan Out Your Collage

Use the measurements of the frame to determine how many “lines” you can hang pictures from. It is also important to decide how you want to space the lines by clearly measuring and marking them. Cut the twine for each line, making sure that there are about two extra inches on both sides, pull it taut and staple first toward the outer edge of the frame. For the remaining twine, loop it over the first staple and staple again. If you’d prefer pictures that hang in a straight line make sure the twine is taut and if you’d prefer more curved lines make it a little bit looser. For those who are looking for some creative collage inspiration, the ‘Picklee’ blog has compiled photos of 35 DIY Wall Collages that you can create. Once you have planned out what you want to display and where you want to display it, it is important to select how you want to lay out your collection. For some guidance when it comes to frame placement, the ‘Picklee’ blog features a Frame Composition Manual that will clear up any confusion you may have.

Hang and Enjoy

Now it’s time to hang your frames and use the wooden clothespins to hang the prints. You can decide whether to hang the pictures higher or lower, depending on whether or not you want to hide the twine. Stand back and look at the beautiful photos and cherished memories you’ve captured.

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