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School’s Out: Summer Activities for Kids

When school is out for the summer it is a good idea to plan activities, programs and events to do with the kids. This will ensure that children stay active, have fun and don’t become attached to the Happy children playing drawing and making craft in class at kindcouch or TV. Summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors, the sunny weather and being social through camps, carnivals or day trips.  Williams and McDaniel Property Management, our preferred property management company, offers Waterloo Apartments that are surrounded with summer activities and options for the kids.

 Waterloo Fun Centers: 

Currently, the City of Waterloo has two fun centers open and ready to provide fun and exciting experiences to little ones. The first location is at Albert McCormick Community Centre on 500 Parkside Drive, which is only an 11-minute car ride from the apartments. RIM Park, which is the second location at 2001 University Avenue East, is a mere 13-minute walk from the Pinegrove Apartments. Each week of the program has a different theme and as a result the activities, special guests, games and crafts change weekly. Sometimes kids will have the opportunity to swim at the Swimplex or outdoor pool at the Moses Springer Community Centre Pool. Giving children the opportunity to make new friends, artistic masterpieces and participate in fun and educational activities, the Waterloo Fun Centers are a worthwhile summer option to consider. For further details and sign-up information at the centers, click here.

Waterloo Day Camps

For children aged seven to twelve, the Waterloo community offers a diverse selection of weeklong summer day camps that will fit your child’s unique interests and hobbies. Magic tricks, miming and performing live stunts can be extremely exciting and will give young ones something to show off to their friends. The ‘Busker Mania’ camp at the RIM Park’s Manulife Financial Sports-plex teaches kids how to do some mind-boggling tricks and eye-catching optical illusions. At the end of the week those enrolled in this camp get to perform and show off their new tricks on the center stage of the Waterloo Busker Carnival. For more science-oriented minds, the ‘Weird, Wacky and Wild’ day camp gets hands-on with messy experiments and weird games. If you are looking for a creative outlet for kids, the ‘Arts and Crafts Camp’ includes a week of learning about different art forms and creating their own priceless prices of work.  Registrations for the 2013 season began on March 7 and for additional registration dates; please visit the ‘Register for Programs’ link.


 Offering up an atmosphere that children, adults and families can enjoy in the summer is the annual Kidspark Festival. This year the festival celebrates its 25th anniversary of all things kids. With hands-on fun and exciting activities that include stilts, rock climbing, arts and crafts and live entertainment, you would never guess that this event is 100-percent free.  Hosted in Victoria Park on Sunday August 18th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., families and kids can experience a full day packed with fun summer activities. Simply hop in the car for an 8-minute car ride to the park to enjoy a festival perfect for the kids that lets you enjoy the sunshine. For those who wish to have a picnic or stay for the day, the park has additional amenities that include a picnic shelter, splash pad and a playground, which the kids will flock towards.

Keep the kids occupied and active when school is out by researching and signing them up for some outdoor and social activities. Located on 145 Lucan Avenue, the Pinegrove Apartments in Waterloo are not only a perfect living space for families, professionals and the like, they are also in close proximity to community centers, parks and summer programs for the kids. For more information on Williams and McDaniel’s properties, please click here.